Commercial Remediation - New Construction 2019

Construction Mold


Mold throughout this large structure, 

Mold example

Crew Supervisors worked day and night shifts


We had a good team of people to tackle this job. Working safely and quickly to get the construction crews back to work.

Heavy Rain was the problem


Some places had heavier contamination than others. Visual inspection of all rooms and stairwells was necessary. Hundreds of testing samples were logged and marked. Lab samples went out weekly to see exactly what we are dealing with.



Containment of all of the rooms on four floors was a challenge, Our crew did a very good job of isolating and controlling for containment and mold removal

Mold Disinfection with Electrostatic sprayers


Our cleaning formula was used to spray all four floors of this building. Using electrostatic sprayers ensured we reached around and in cracks of the wood and metal joints for mold control



After killing surface mold by spraying powerful nontoxic cleaners and disinfectants, we followed up with proper vacuum and sanding where needed for mold removal

More Pictures from various stages

Containment started for mold removal

Air scrubbers running to improve air quality


Various equipment


more equipment

Water and Mold remediation equipment

Clean up

Cleaned hallways

Ready to start mold remediation

Lights needed at night to work

HEPA Vacuums for mold removal

Construction dust cleaning

Work area for supplies


Sand and vacuum damaged flooring

Sealing off all outside air quality contamination

Containment of rooms

Cleaned ceiling wood that had mold

Water extraction

Wet floors cause mold growth