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Pure Global Solutions

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Working to manufacture the Best PHMGH product additive in the market

Our research and Development on a variety of applications to the disinfection and sanitizing market.

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Real World Applications

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Noncorrosive sanitizing

Clean and sanitize your commercial equipment with the worry of corrosive chemicals. Achieve the same clean without the worry of rusting or leaving damaged surfaces! 

Electrostatic application

Use our formula to disinfect client areas without odors of hazardous chemical smells. Even fragrance-based products can turn off customers about your cleaning process. 

Sponsor and Participant for The U.S. meeting of the International Society for Food and Environmental Virology at ASU.

Medical and University tested formulations used in a verity of applications.

Our formula of PHMGH has been studied over many years to show efficacy and safety. Toxicology tested by NSF International for safe use in a variety of products. Showed effective against a number of bacteria and viruses. 

Some of our research

Improved Shrimp Farming

A shrimp farm that was having a bacterial infection on their shrimp, treated the water with our formula and allowed the shrimp to grow healthier and larger strengthening their immunity to water bacteria.

Agricultural applications

We took a pallet of fresh picked melons and found that just a quick rinse slowed the oxidation of the melon skin increasing the shelf life by about two weeks.

Coffee Rust application

Extensive testing has been done on coffee rust in Costa Rica. Our friends in Costa Rica have done months of testing on coffee plants and showed our formula can reduce and even eliminate coffee rust in the growing field.

Sponsor for 2022 Food Safety Summit

Working on Global Fruit and Vegetables in Honduras

I traveled to the largest Melon exporter in Honduras to look at the sanitation and food security process for evaluation and possible improvements involving global food security. We looked at the current process for exporting to our customer in the United States. The intention and objectives were to change the washing process from the field from Chlorine based cleaners to our environmentally clean product while also possibly extending the shelf life by keeping the skins from oxidation and rotting while in Trasport over the ocean. Our research could save millions of pounds of lost produce caused by delayed weather or customes issues.

Testing Examples


Kills Coffee Rust Diseases 

Successfully tested on coffee plants

for 1 year on infected coffee plants.

Our formulation showed significant improvement and reduction in the different types of coffee rust inflections.

Kills Quagga Mussels

Tested in the laboratory and in the field at Arizona lakes to stop quagga mussel breeding and Kill mussels attached to different surfaces. Cleaning boat hulls and marine motors are an application that could prove useful to stop moving quagga mussels from being transported to other lakes across state lines or within a state.

We can provide 5-gallon jugs.

Premixed formula for your application

  • I used this formula on my own family member when the Dr.'s had trouble.

    My FAMILY member had bad leg cellulitis that needed daily care. When I brought her to my home to care for her, we would have a nurse come in 3 days a week to wrap and provide wound care. I started doing the care myself and noticed the improvements in her skin and infection. Check out this video 

    of her leg progress over about 30 days without the silver creams and petroleum dressings the nurse was using weekly. This does not cure it because part of it is "leaking" of fluids through the skin and that comes from the inside of the body. However, we slowed it down and regained a normal treatment process with much less pain and wrapping for her and a substantial reduction in the leaking effects that cause the bleeding and skin irritation.

    Swimming Pool Test

    We found a pool that had turned green from algae.

    We are treating once with our product (without chlorine). We did normal once a day backwash of the filter. These results are without sweeping the pool, results over 3 days. The pool cleaner helped to scrub the surface while the pool did run 24 hours, we did not add anymore formula to the pool. 

    There is more research to be done as the amount of debris that falls into the pool has something to do with the application of product. We have done several experiments that have different results based on the debris that falls into the pool. 

    Day 4

    3 days running pool filter & suction cleaner.

    Day 1

    Day two

    Day 3

    Water flocculation

    Here is an example of the water flocculation capabilities in a swimming pool. You can see the mineral's that float to the bottom of the pool that are easily swept or vacuumed up. With proper circulation and agitation these minerals would separate into the filtration media on a larger scale.

    Arizona State University Research

    We have done a number of tests on our product on Quagga Mussels and toxic Algae cells and won several grants to further research the efficacy of our proprietary formulation PHP37.

    Our products have been displayed and presented to the Department of Defense and other government agencies under possible Homeland Security applications involving corrosion resistance and the ability to immobilize toxic cells.

    Government Waters Testing Approved in Arizona

    Toxic Algae Bloom spray-Before & After / Vietnam Shrimp Farming

    and Feild transportation

    Mold Remediation

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