New breakthrough polymers are underway. 

We are in registration process for some very exciting advancements

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Department of Energy - (DD&R) Nationwide Deactivation, Decommissioning and Removal

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International Society For Food & Environmental Virology

  • 07-10 Oct 2018  
  • Arizona State University, Tempe Campus, Tempe,                                  PGS Sponsored Event                 


EPA 2018 International Decontamination Research and Development Conference

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Test Results in Lagoon

Whe are excited about controlling Toxic Algae blooms

We have been awarded an open water application permit in the state of Arizona.
Write to us to see how we can work in your state to control your bad algae problems

Test Area


East end of the Lake Lagoon algae blanket June 19, 2018


4 days after our first treatment. Our proalgae product sprayed directly on the floating algae

4 days after spraying our product on this algae blanket

Latest Application Technology for surface Disinfection

Portable Electrostatic Germ Gun can Disinfect places that you missed when cleaning. Electrostatic is the best way


Gym Equipment - Don't just clean Disinfect

One of the best breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses are in the Gym. Saves Time covers more area faster and uses less disinfectant. 

Medical, Dental, Massage Therapy, chiropractor , Airplanes, Schools and more are now accessible

Let your customers know you have their health concerns covered. Disinfecting large or small offices is now a reality.

Latest and safest chemical substitutes on the market.

Safe for pre-schools, elderly care, school buses, Aircraft, and lobby areas. Places that you might overlook can now be done quick and affordable. 

99.999% Kill Strength

Escherichia Coli, Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus, Mold & Mildew, carpet, and Food surfaces 

BackPack Version

Need to do a school Gym, Locker rooms or sports equipment fast. The backpack versions cover 8000 sq ft in record time

3 spray options. 40 - 80 & 120 micron spray


Long Lasting Battery


No Cords or hoses to drag around your facility

Portable & Affordable


Extension for hard to reach places

Why Electrostatic?

Faster - More Coverage - Less work

Better Coverage


Bottle spray is the old way

Duel Charge for Maximum results


Patented Technology that Delivers

Between Surgery


Faster Disinfecting times means a safer environment and more patient care and that equals more money

Keep Bacteria off Desktops


 The keyboards of multiple-user (Doctors) and single-user (staff) computers located in a Hospital or office environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs

Patient Care

Patented Technology,safe environment,bacteria free,cleaning,disinfecting,c-diff,e-coli

Let customers know you are thinking about protecting them in a clean safe environment

Arizona State W.E.T. Center Test Results for review

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Medical applications

Health and Human service protection. Microbial control of bacterial and fungal spores. The ability to test surfaces with a strip indicator


Agriculture and Food Security

Beyond Pesticides / Natural Solutions for:

Fruit & Vegetable growing 

Post Harvest wash

Fungus Control 

and other Natural plant spray solutions


Many different applications

From Algae Blooms & Aquaculture to Human health applications. We are developing solutions to the World's tough challenges

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